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Butchers Equipment...On Sale Now!

Our Knives, Grinders and Tools are all High Quality!

We search the world to find the finest Butchering Tools. Made to be high quality, all are tested by professional Chefs. Comparison testing by Chef Depot Chefs rate these tools at the top!

CHEF TABLES & BLOCKS| Knife Sets| Butcher Blocks| Sharpening Steels| Fast Diamond Sharpeners| Damascus Knives & Cooks Cutlery

Every Item We Sell is Tested for High Quality and Durability! We Guarantee Fast Delivery and Great Prices! Are you tired of getting all those big name mail catalogs showing disposable junk? We are too... Chef Depot only sells quality products...


This area of CHEF DEPOT is for those who enjoy hunting, fishing and the great outdoors! As avid Sportsmen we savor every moment spent in the wild. Below are some knives and tools that you will find useful to save time in cleaning and preparing your fish & game. Are you planning a outdoor trip in the future? Click on "Fishing and Hunting Links" at the bottom of this page. Also, click on the pictures! If you are looking for High Quality Products, you will find them here! Customers Feedback, Click Here and call us with questions

These knives, tools, butcher block tables, slicers, grinders and recipes are all tested by us, we use and highly recommend them!
A few facts and diagrams Aging Wild Game & How to Butcher Beef & How to Butcher a Deer & & How to Butcher Pig & How to Butcher Lamb Check out our Essential Butchering Tools and our Butchering demo shows you how to clean tenderloin and ...

Wild Game Recipes(New Recipes Every Season) & More Great Recipes! Our Fresh Spice Blends will add new flavor to your recipes! Here's a few of the 50,000 items we stock at Chef Depot, click the pictures and the links below....

John Boos Tables Proudly Made in the USA - Lowest Prices & Fastest Delivery only at Chef Depot!Berkel Commercial Meat SlicerElectric Meat GrinderBerkel MixerThe Highest Quality Tables - John Boos - Made in the USA! Chef Depot gives you the Fastest Delivery & Lowest Prices!

Square / Rectangle Chopping Block

Butcher Blocks,
High Quality and Low Low Prices! Made in the USA!

Meat Grinders, Sausage Making & Smoking Foods Cookbooks, Stuffers & More!

Make your own Jerky! It's fast & Easy, no preservatives!

ON SALE! Hunter Butchering Sets, many to choose from...,
High Quality Knife Sets and Low Prices!

Meat Cutting Tables, Fish Cleaning Tables, Trimming Tables, Filet Tables...,
High Quality and Made in the USA!

Gas Smokers, every Hunter, Fisherman and Chef needs one!

Fajita Pans, frying pans and more!

Vacuum Sealers, will help you pack and preserve your meat! Adds up to 7 times the storage life of meat!

Cleavers, Cut through meat and bone easily.

Great Cutlery, Lifetime Warranty, Chef Tested, Search by Brand.

Our Propane Gas Smokers are fast, easy and produce consistent quality Smoked Meats & Fish!

Giant Poly Boards to clean those Big Fish! Many styles, and colors, thick, durable and NSF certified, USA made.

Our Electric Chum Grinder, will help you catch Big Fish Fast!

Heavy Duty Stockpots, Restaurant Quality Pots and Pans & Double Boilers!

Non Stick Titanium, Pots and Pans will last forever!

Bowie Knives & Hunting Knives, Handmade in Solingen, Germany!

Skinning and Butchering Knives from Solingen, Germany!

Sea Scissors will quickly cut through lobsters, fish and poultry!

Hard Rubber Cutting Boards to clean poultry and meats! Heavy and durable, FDA approved.

Our magnesium Fire Starter will help you make a fire, fast! Works in wet or windy conditions too.

Hamburger Press, allows you to make any size burgers! Even cooking and perfect burgers ever time!

Custom Made Damascus Knives & Folding Pocket Knives, Handmade in Solingen, Germany!

Butchering Tables for Less! Bistro Tables for your kitchen or patio. High grade stainless steel Made in the USA. Click Here!

BBQ Thermometers, Perfect for making the most juicy and tender pork and chicken!
Chicken is best at aprox. 160 F., pork at 155 F. internal temperature.

Kevlar Gloves, Perfect for cleaning fish, butchering, motorcycles, contact sports and gardening!

Butchering Knives, Cimitars, Breaking Knives and more for butchering large cuts of meat!

ON SALE! Messermeister German Made Hunter Butchering Set,
Top Quality and Low Prices!

Achieve a Razors Edge with our Electric Diamond Sharpeners, or our Manual Diamond Sharpeners, these products can put a razors edge on any quality knife blade!

Meat Cuber, allows you to make great cube steaks! Even cooking and perfect steaks ever time!

Our Venison Cookbook, features great recipes!

Giesser Butchering Knives, razor sharp boning and Chef knives for butchers!

More Giesser Butcher Knives, razor sharp knives for butchers! Made in Germany since 1777

Jerky Making Machine, allows you to make your own jerky, FAST, save your time!

Clearance Sale Knives, Boning Knives, Fillet Knives & more at Special Low Clearance Prices!

Stainless Steel Gloves, Perfect for Safe Meat & Fish Cutting!

Bone Saws, Butchers Choice,  19 inch or 25 inch sizes, stainless steel construction. These saws will split a big deer in seconds!

Slice your salmon paper thin, easily carve your next turkey or roast beef with our thin and sharp German Slicers!

Our Heavy Duty Lobster & Poultry / Fish Shears,
feature giant springs and razor sharp blades!

Ceramic Blade Pocket Knives... Very cool! Never sharpen it again!

Meat Tenderizer, our Jaccard meat tenderizer is fast, safe and easy to use!

Meat Mallets & Pounders, Butchers Choice, perfect for tenderizing tough cuts quickly!

Electric Meat Grinder
  Highest  Quality, The best 1/2 H.P. Meat Grinders Made!

Piranha, Electric Fillet Knife! The Fastest way to clean fish! Carve a Turkey perfectly!

Great Hunting Knives & Custom Folding Pocket Knives! Forged Damascus Blades & Exotic Wood Handles.

Food Dehydrators... Make your own healthy dried snacks while you sleep! Save money.

Chef Knife Holster, Now you can carry your knife while you are cooking!

Dry Herbs & Spices,
the Freshest Quality you can buy! Peppercorns, Paprika, Fennel, Basil, Black Pepper, Cajun Spices, Rosemary, Juniper Berries & Italian Herbs - We guarantee these are the best!

Spyderco Pocket Knives  Highest  Quality, We Guarantee the Lowest Prices!

Boker & Magnum Damascus Pocket Knives, These are amazing blades!

HD Meat Grinders, the best for less! Grind your own fresh meat...

Portable Maple Butcher Block Tables, Many styles and heights, handmade with pride in the USA! We guarantee the Lowest Prices & Fastest Delivery.

Boning Knives, Several styles, flexible, medium and stiff blades. Try one and you will be sold on German quality!

Quality Kitchen Knife Sets, High Quality from $89.95 ! Makes a great gift!

Knife Scabbards, Edge Guards & Holsters!

Messermeister Pocket Mate Knife! Perfect for traveling and picnics! We like to use keep these in our vehicles for cutting fruit and anything else that crosses our path. The German alloy blade is aprox. 4 in. long and razor sharp. It comes with adurable hard molded case with a durable metal belt clip riveted to it! A perfect gift, Only $11.99

Portable Butane Stoves
Highest Quality, Solid brass burner, high BTU's, electronic ignition, we have tested dozens, these are the best, works anywhere!

Meat Hooks - Solid Stainless Steel
A set of four sharp hooks. Perfect for smoked foods, curing proscuitto, smoked sausages, hams, fish and hanging large pieces of meat!

Buy our Machete online. Perfect for clearing brush or hiking in the bush!

Chef Knives, Forged, Riveted, Black Rubber handle, Rosewood, many other handles and blade styles are also available.

Bamboo Cutting Boards , Tropical & Funky Jungle look - as hard as rock maple.

Fillet Knives, German alloy steel flexible blades, many styles & handles available.

Stainless Steel, Mixing Bowls, Roasting Pans, Baine Maries & More.

Sausage Stuffers why not make your own fresh sausage?

Italian Made Meat Grinders, parts are available.

Poultry & Fish Shears, Stainless Steel for poultry and fish. Choose from several styles.

Our Butcher Knives, are the choice of professional Butchers!

Legal Switch Blade Knives, Kershaw Torsion Bar Knives!

German Pocket Knives, Step up to German Quality!

Granton Edge Knives, These knives save time cutting with the help of small air pockets on the blade.

Skinning Knives, Several styles and sizes available. The best we have used.

Our Pan Grate & Chafers are the best, perfect for roasting meats and we like it for smoking salmon on the grill! Take a side of salmon, drizzle with fresh lemon juice and our Cajun Seasonings and smoke with hardwood chips on your BBQ grill at 200-250 degrees until fish reaches 160 F. ~ enjoy!

Butane Torches
Perfect for campfires, cooking and more!

Non Stick Frying Pans
Perfect for saute foods or pan frying!

Non Stick Stainless Steel Tongs
Perfect for pan frying and the BBQ!

Scales, Stainless Steel, 2 lb., 5 lb., Pro's choice for portion control. We use ours for sausage making, recipes and burgers.

Scales, Digital, 5 lb., standard/metric. Stainless Steel Surface, accurate to 1/100th of an ounce. Automatic tare.

Hand Meat Grinders, Highest quality and lowest  price!

Electric Slicers, Commercial Electric Slicers at Half the Price!

Thermometers Chefs, Digital and pocket style. Waterproof, instant temperature display. Display in farenheit or celsius. Perfect for the BBQ grill, turkey or a large venison roast. *We cook our venison to *135 degree's F.  for medium rare!

Knife Racks, Magnetic, Allows extra storage, safetly out of reach (We use it under a cabinet).

Our Heavy Duty Fish Pliers,
feature offset long handles for easily removing bones from salmon and other fish!

Vanilla Paste is the perfect gift for anyone who bakes. Excellent in cakes, cookies, pies and hot tea!

Sharpening Steels The traditional favorite, quickly hones the edge of any quality blade.

DMT Diamond Steels & more, Highest quality diamond sharpeners, lowest price. The fastest way to sharpen any knife!

Sharpening Stone, Whetstone, medium/fine combo stones at the lowest prices.

Cutting Boards, 18 x 24 x 1/2 inch thick hard poly board, the choice of more Chefs!

Emeril's Maple Cutting Board 24 x 18 Heavy Solid Maple Board will last for life!

Latex Rubber Gloves, Every sportsman needs these for cleaning fish and game!

Leather Bota Bag, Everyone who journeys outdoors needs one of these! Perfect for chilled wine or water for hiking.

Type 301 Porsche Cutlery! Check these out!

Smoke your own meats, fish and jerky! using your large BBQ grill and our hotel pans with grid inserts.

Bucket Opener, perfect for opening large buckets of pickles or paint. Just what your inlaws needed but could not find.

Our Heavy Cast Cake Molds and Cake Pans are great gift ideas!

Click Here for Wild Mushrooms, Saffron, Peppercorns, Vanilla Beans, Truffles & Gourmet Gifts!

Miscellaneous A few more great items for serious camp cooks!

Our Logo Rock Maple Cutting Board is the best - half the retail price!

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One of the Chefs uses this stainless steel glove. Click Here for the featured handmade Chef Knife Set, made in Germany! Order and read more about stainless steel gloves, click here. Chef is using one of his John Boos Maple Cutting Boards! NSF certified.

Click Here for Venison Butchering Cuts!


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Deer are overpopulated in many states! And higher in protein, vitamins and nutrients and lower in fat than most cuts of beef! Click here for great recipes!

Learn about : Aging Wild Game & How to Butcher Beef & How to Butcher a Deer & & How to Butcher Pig & How to Butcher Lamb Check out our Essential Butchering Tools and our Butchering demo shows you how to clean tenderloin and ...

Wild Game Recipes(New Recipes Every Season) & More Great Recipes! Our Fresh Spice Blends will add new flavor to your recipes!

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This buck was caught on camera, click on it for Deer Processing Tools.

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Type 301 Cutlery
F.A. Porsche!

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