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Here are a few customers actual comments after purchasing Butcher Blocks, Cutlery, Knives, Chef Tools and Cooking Supplies from "Chef Depot" TM

... (Online since 1999! And we have filled millions of orders, we are happy to provide you with more comments)

Chef Depot - I owe you a huge thank you for coordinating our order and the delivery of so many large pieces. We love the solid Dark American Walnut counters and shelves. Our contractor did a great job of trimming the shelves, cutting out the sink, and resealing. (I copied him here) Thank you again!! Kate. Email us for pictures of this kitchen.
E-mail us for these images or phone:(630) 739-5200

Chef Depot - "You guys are awesome. Let me know if you ever need a testimonial. And we love our new Island Top it was installed this weekend. It exceeded my expectation. Thank you."
Thomas De Santes

E-mail us or phone:(630) 739-5200

Chef Depot - "Just want to let you know how much we love our new 48in. gathering block. We put a couple of stools next to it and have received nothing but complements about it. Fits the kitchen beautifully. Friends are thinking about ordering one for their kitchens. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!"
Email upon Request: N.Daturas

Chef Depot - "I am the happy new owner of a Yaxell Super Gou Chef knife. Ordering and international shipping to Switzerland with CHEFDEPOT was easy. Highly recommendable shop. Excellent communication, quick responses. If I ever will buy any more high class cutlery and accessories, CHEFDEPOT will be my first choice. Thanks to Ed from Bernhard."
Dr. Bernhard Waxenberger , Zurich, Switzerland

Chef Depot - Love the Kyocera knives ordered earlier. Thanks, Eric Stahlfeld

Chef Depot - Thank you for being the only supplier who has EXACTLY what I need in stock and not some substitution or backorder. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Eddy R. Email:

Chef Depot - I just got a kasumi titanium santoku knife and i love it. In class tonight, we are breaking down chickens and i was wondering if i should use this knife or not. Any other things i should stay away from to protect my knife? Reply: Use the Kasumi knife on those chickens, then the Kasumi sharpener or Whetstones and the clips on the knife. You guys r awesome!!! Thanks for the quick reply..., thank you X3!
Kristofer Email:

Chef Depot - In this day and age, I am not accustomed to such personal and honest treatment, especially on the internet. It's rather refreshing. And I'm already impressed at the quality of the knives, all of which, I might add, at the best price online. You have got the full package. Thank you and keep up the good work! I'll be sure to recommend you to my friends.
Mikal, B. Email:

Chef Depot - Delivered my new Butcher Block Island in only 3 weeks. It is the focal point of my new kitchen. Everyone who sees it wants one of their own. Family and friends gather and enjoy it every weekend. We are customers forever!
Mr. & Mrs. Rachel S., Los Angeles CA.

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Chef Depot has supplied our company with fine quality products for many years! We will continue to use them as we grow in the future.
Steve P., Fine Foods Co.

Hello Chefs - I Collected the package from my mailbox today. Thanks, very thrilled it is exactly what I want. After attempting several "so-called suppliers" I struck the jackpot with you. Thank you again Pam

Chef Depot - You did everything you said you would, I am very happy! If you ever need a testimonial, you got one!
Thank you, Ron Melcher

To whom it may concern. For the first time in my life I took the chance and bought a product over the internet, and thanking all things holy, I chose Chef Depot! I ordered a simple bottle opener, one little item, to be shipped across the world to the tiny island in the Persian Gulf, the Kingdom of Bahrain. I placed my order on the 2nd of May, and YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, 10 days later, I received a delivery from Chef Depot. Chef Depot states up to 4 weeks delivery, and I received my (absolutely NO defects, in 100% perfect condition) product within 2 weeks. Astonishing, brilliant, fantastic! Rest assured, I will definitely use Chef Depot again, and so will my friend and family. I mean, why go to the stores, that in some cases never have what you want, if I can order from Chef Depot and still receive your goods in such a short time? I am amazed. Having friends that stay in the USA, you constantly hear about how well organized, professional, advanced and dedicated the retailers are towards customer service. How nice must it be to live in such an environment? Chef Depot, you are highly recommended to anyone, anywhere in the world. Yours faithfully, Phillip Marais- Email:

Chef Greg: I received the Stainless Steel table yesterday and it's perfect, I'm SO happy! Thanks for a great price and great customer service! Jessica Rine - Email:

E-mail us for these images or phone:(630) 739-5200

This was my first online purchase so I was a bit scared on what to expect. I found the Chef Depot site very easy to use and quite informative. The shipping process was top notch and the international shipping charges quite reasonable. I was impressed when my order was processed same day and I was provided with a tracking number to follow the shipment. When my order arrived I was again impressed with how well it was packed and it was exactly the item as seen on the website. I would even recommend them to family and friends - Richard ES.

Chefs: Great product, made in USA and a fantastic price. Use mine for delicious homemade crispy pizza and bread. Love the fast shipping and selection. The price on this stone is amazing for the size and thickness - JPS.

Dear Chefs, My new butcher block island is the focal point of my new kitchen. Thanks for a great deal and I will be back for more goodies! Josephine L.

Chef Depot has a great selection of knives, sharpeners and cuttin board. The blenders, food processors and Chef Tools are possibly the best selection I have seen. We will continue to use this quality company for our Chefs, Resorts and Restaurants!
Daniel. S., Purchasing Dept., Walt Disney World

Chef Depot: I got my new knife sharpener today. After reading the instructions, I grabbed up all my kitchen knives and started on the first blade. The Chef's Choice uses orbiting diamond hones to take away a very slight bit of metal which leaves your knife extremely sharp. The two different grooves allow for the knife to receive a double bevel edge. Keeping the knife aligned is the easiest part of the process. The sharpener has built-in magnets that make the knife cling to the edge and keep it perfectly aligned. It is unbelievably simple. You lay the knife in and pull it through. By simply pulling the knife through the motorized orbiting stones you've put a perfect edge on your tool. It's one of the easiest systems I have ever used. The whole set of knives only took 5 minutes to sharpen! Thank you! Al Unser - Email:

The Prices are fantastic, shipped the next day and even the tracking info was emailed. Fast, easy and reasonable, so I can't ask for more. At every stage of this purchase, from the selection, purchase, shipping, customer service, Chef Depot gets the very highest recommend I can give. Excellent in all ways. Pam P.

Chef Kieto V. said "You know, when I first took a look at this Porsche 301 knife, my feelings were the same. I just wasn't too sure about the handle. It wasn't your typical handle. But I can assure, after seeing it with my own eyes, and testing with my own hands, it convinced me. The handle itself is flat but tapered. It fits your hand and is perfectly balanced. I love my new Porsche knife! Thanks! Chef Kieto

Dudley Abbott wrote: Thanks Chef Depot, I received my 2000 commercial and have sharpened 158 knives with it and I love the hell out of it, thanks for the fast service and the free gift of a knife ... I will recommend your company to my friends, thanks again Dudley In Alaska email:

Gina wrote: I received my John Boos Gathering Block today. It was a bit tough getting it up the steps. Assembly was simple and it took about 15 minutes. Lucky I had a few helpers to move it around. The basil green color perfectly matches my kitchen. It is very stable and we all think it's amazing. I highly recommend your company to all of my friends and family, thanks again Gina M.

Henrietta wrote: I ordered a Chef Choice 470 Steel Pro sharpener (CD470CHEFSCHOICE-STEELPRO) for my husbands birthday. It is always hard shopping for him. As soon as he opened it, he tried it out on his favorite pocket knife and he liked it. He brought it into the kitchen and quickly steeled my knives. The tool works great. I will suggest to my friends to try your website, thank you, Henrietta my email is:

I ordered a multi honing stone, and when I recieved it the stones were chipped and the case leaked. The people at chef depot and at the mundial co. were a pleasure to do business with, they sent me a new unit with out a problem. The quality in their products is wonderful, their people are great. I would recommend both companies to anyone. Looking forward to our next transaction. THANK YOU! Russell Gilliam (email: )

I am amazed at how fast my order arrived! The knife block set, spices and cutting board are great. I like the live customer service and call back regarding my order details. It was a pleasure to order at you company. I will return, Dr. Jameson(email:

Dear Chef Depot, Your service was excellent and everything from ordering to delivery went without a hitch, just as you said. Our block arrived in showroom condition. Your recommendation of "Rustic Grey," was right on. The legs blend with the colors in our floor allowing the butcher block top to really stand out. We have placed it proudly in the heart of our kitchen as the gathering point and central work area. The quality of our John Boos "Gathering Block," is immediately apparent. It is the topic of discussion as family, friends and guests gather around it in the kitchen. Everyone has admired our gathering block and we, without reservation, recommended Chef Depot and John Boos to all. Gratefully yours, Tom & Jill Boyd (

The new maple cutting board is the best. It was a pleasure to order with your company. I am very pleased with the new ceramic Chef knife too! Chef Juanita

I have been sharpening knives using quality hand sharpeners for years, but it is time-consuming, especially when you want to reset a damaged edge. Having read reviews of these sharpeners, I thought I would take a chance. Firstly the Chefs Choice 2000 will take a blunt and damaged edge (not everyone takes good care of their knives) and regrind and hone it in less than a minute. Secondly it will put a fine edge on already OK knives in even less time. I have tried it on a range of kitchen knives and also on folding knives. These are high quality knives that cost a lot more than the sharpener ? Wusthof and Henckels for example. I Highly recommend this machine. This is definitely better than the cheaper models, it takes more care of the blades as the guides are washable - so no scratches. You can put the replacable sharpener assembly in the sink or dishwasher! Thanks again, Charles.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I am very happy with the pizza bag I ordered from you. I am also thrilled with the speed you processed my order. The shipping time was remarkable!! You can be certain that I will order from you again. I can't tell you how happy I am to have found a company on the internet that I can truly trust. I will order again! Thank You Again! Yolanda L. (email:

"The chocolate is exquisite. The Butcher Block is the nicest furniture that I own! Most important though is the care and concern regarding my orders. I sincerely feel that my order was given personal attention, and great care was given that I would be pleased. "

"The electric peppermill is a great addition to the kitchen of the harried cook. It's elegant cylindrical design takes it from kitchen to table without batting an eye. My favorite feature is the screw to adjust the coarseness of the pepper; few peppermills allow you to grind that very coarse cracked pepper that's awesome on pasta and fresh vegetables. The whirring motor is a little off-putting and weak sounding, but as a novelty it is sure to entertain your guests. A plastic catch basin at the bottom keeps the pepper crumbs from soiling your white linens." Thanks! Laura Smith, (

You have the best knives! My Chefs use them every day and they really hold an edge. I appreciate the quantity discount and free shipping. I will return to shop for more kitchenwares.
Kevin C. GM, Marriott Hotels

You have the best vanilla beans and extract at the best prices! I appreciate the quantity discount and actual shipping cost. I will return. Mr. Moo's Ice Cream Shop

Chef Depot helped me save a lot of money (over $200.00) with a complete set of Chef Cutlery and tools for my Chef Training School, B. Kovick of Hinsdale, IL.(

After purchasing a set of German knives and several pasta making tools, K. Godlewski of Chicago, IL.(

"I have finally discovered sensational chocolate. The party was more than spectacular even if I have to say so myself. Rave reviews for Chef Depot! I can't thank you enough for your help in selecting the perfect block for my wedding cake creations and Thank You for the prompt delivery. I will be back" C. Henry

"Chefdepot helped me with several specialty items that I could not find anywhere else! The pasta cutters and knives are wonderful!
Chef Depot has totally satisfied me"!

Greetings! I wanted to sincerely thank you for your wonderful assistance with my new kitchen aid heavy duty mixer. The machine is stellar and your commitment to your customers is unmatched. I so appreciated you freely upgrading my unit despite not having the one I ordered. Thanks again, Sincerely, Lisa Picard (email:

My new Maple Table is really stunning. It adds a new workspace and a feeling of elegance to my kitchen. Thank you for the lowest price on my new table! Cheers, C. Meyers (email:

E-mail us for these images or phone:(630) 739-5200

This Butcher Block and Cleaver you shipped us are the best. It saves us a lot of prep time and I thank you for the great price and fast service. We will return to Chef Depot! D. Scizowicz (email:

Mr. Vore says "My bread knife is a serrated razor, I use my Chef knife daily and it really holds and edge, my sharpening steel is awesome! The Full Block Set is a good value!" (email:


After purchasing a Full Block of Giesser German knives, M. Anderson of SanFrancisco, Ca. says

"My Maple Block of German knives is the center of attention in my kitchen! They are outstanding knives and the value is uncomparable! I love the thermometer & digital scale too!
I will recommend these items to everyone!"


After purchasing several German knives and other cooking supplies, C. Christopher of   Tulsa, Ok.

"Best chocolate I ever tasted and I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur. Everyone I have shared it with said it was the best smoothest chocolate they had ever tasted. Thanks so much. I plan to finish it before I leave work on Friday"

The Chef's thermometer is great, it tells me quickly when my venison roast is medium rare, the slicer and meat fork carve the meat easily and very thin. I love to cook, Thank You Chef Depot!"

I love my new knives! I shopped everywhere for a good price on a new set of cutlery and found the best deal here!(

Chef Depot has totally satisfied me!"


After purchasing several German Knives and other hard to find  utensil's, M. Morales of Roselle,IL.

says " I found out about Chef Depot from a friend, they got  high quality stuff for your kitchen at the lowest  prices!  I highly recommend to everyone!"

After purchasing our Capriccio Designer Set of Giesser German knives, D. Gyles of Seattle, Wa. says: "The Carpriccio Knife Set is totally cool! The magnetic triange knife block is mounted under a cabinet and the vegetable handle knives are like an artistic sculpture. They are unusually great knives and I love them! I love the digital thermometer too! I will recommend your website to everyone!"

"I want you and your team to know, that I go to heaven each time I eat a piece of your wonderful chocolate. Words cannot express my taste delight nor can I express to you the tears of joy at tasting each piece. I am now spoiled and my chocolate desire belongs to you." Gretchen from L.A.

After purchasing a Digital Candy Thermometer, Mrs. Johnson of Madison, WI. said

"I have searched everywhere to find a digital candy thermometer that goes from -50 degree's to over 500 degree's F.. I use it to make fudge and other candy! I also use it to cook BBQ Beef Brisket, Steaks, Chicken and Roast Turkey! It was a great value and it's the best thermometer I have ever seen! I love the cake stand too!
I recommend this store to everyone!"


This is the best immersion blender I have found for my puree's and sauces. Chef Depot sold it to me for the lowest price on the market! Chef M. Zaccaria

"Chef Depot helped me with several specialty item's that I could not find anywhere else! The pasta cutters and knives are wonderful!
ChefDepot has totally satisfied me!"

I really love the diamond sharpening steels we purchased from you! Chef Trotter

"Chef Depot thank you for the great deal!
Me and my kitchen staff will be back!"


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