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For Over 100 Years Messermeister has made high quality cutlery in Solingen, Germany! On Sale Now. Messermeister Asian Precision Cutlery has indestructible POM handles and full tang construction. The blades are high carbon chrome moly alloy (AUS8 Steel). These blades all have a Rockwell Hardness of 56-57, the ideal strength for a razor edge knife. Made in Seki City Japan. Lifetime Warranty! We promise you will love your new Messermeister cutlery. Free Shipping over $99.00
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simple and easy julienne vegetables

These vegetables can be cut using one of our mandoline slicers.
We just used it with a cut proof butcher glove to quickly julienne and slice! These cut perfectly, adds appeal and beauty to many foods. Saves time, therefore, its a priceless tool. These are the best mandolines you can buy at the best prices!

Chef Depot & John Boos Walnut Blocks

List Price $199.95 and up
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Our John Boos Commercial Walnut Cutting Boards are made to last. The edge grain butcher block construction is amazing! American Walnut Wood has a beautiful rich color. Perfect for daily meal preparation and serving cheese & holiday appetizers! A full 1 1/2 in. thick, these will last for years of daily use. Oiling it with the special blend of oil below, will keep it looking new for many years! Available in 3 sizes below! In Stock for fast shipping.

18 in. x 12 x 1.5 in. Walnut Cutting Board


20 in. x 15 x 1.5 in. Walnut Cutting Board (Most popular size) Bonus, add to cart

24 in. x 18 x 1.5 in. Walnut Cutting Board (Bonus Board Cream)

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FAQ: Cutting Board Care & Maintenance

John Boos & Chef Depot Cutting Board
Product # CDRA02-GRV-BOOS20x15W/GROOVE
List Price $179.00 and up
On Sale

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Our new 20 x 15 x 2.25 in. Groove Cutting Board is perfect for the backyard BBQ or carving a small roast. This is the cutting board of choice for all the Chefs here at Chef Depot and many other famous Chefs! John Boos custom makes these exclusive cutting boards for us from first quality Solid Rock Maple, 20 inches by 15 inches and 2.25 inches thick. This reversible board (flat on other side) is NSF certified and will not dull your knife! With proper care, this Maple board can last for life! Oiling it with mystery oil or board cream, will keep it looking new (available below). Function and style, a great all around choice. Did you know that maple cutting boards naturally kill bacteria?


Add 3 pack of Boos Board Cream (3 pc. 5 oz. tubes)
Sale Price $38.95

Add 12 pack of Boos Board Cream (12 pc. 5 oz. tubes)
Sale Price $129.95
New Kitchen Center Islands! Custom sizes are available...

3 3/4 in. Picnic Knife

Sold Out ! You waited too long !

A colorful mini santoku "picnic knife"! Perfect for a picnic or wine and cheese party in the park. The durable plastic case locks the blade in place, with the push of a button it releases. This mini santoku style knife is sure to be a hit! Makes a great gift too. Colors vary (purple, blue, green, red). Order 4 to get one of each color!
Diamond Sharpeners are on sale (Click Here)

3 Pc. Sushi Set

Sold Out and Disc.

This is the 3 piece Asian Sushi Set. It contains a 7 1/4 in. Santoku Knife, a 10 in. Sushi Knife and a 4 in. Petty Knife. A perfect set for every beginning or pro Sushi Chef!
Chefs Note: These knives have highly polished thin blades with rounded riveted handles. Made in Seki City, Japan. A fine set made to last for years of daily use - Lifetime Warranty! Easily resharpen your knives on our Electric Diamond Knife Sharpeners!
USA made Cutting Boards are on sale (Click Here)
Click Here for Fat Madagascar Vanilla Beans! Vanilla Extract and more...

quality BBQquality BBQ - whats on the plate ? New Food Pyramid

Why does the BBQ chicken look so good? Because the Chef used the correct steps in selecting, seasoning and preparing it to perfection. And its likely you are thinking about food right now! Lets get grilling! You can use dry rubs or liquid marinates. You can also use a tenderizing tool to make your boneless chicken breasts perfectly tender every time. Once you find the ideal method, stick with it. Remember practice makes perfect.
Chefs Note: We use a sprinkle of our House Seasoning Dry Rub, fresh ground Pink Sea Salt and fresh ground Rainbow Peppercorns on our BBQ Chicken. We use a lot of pepper grinders for our BBQ foods. These seasonings alone will put your "Q" over the top.

Click Here for Chef Designed Center Islands!

Kasumi Santoku Knife 7 in. blade, double bevel and 3 in. Paring Knife Set

Product # CD84018-CD82008KASUMI-2PC-SET

This is a new Kasumi Damascus 2 pc. Set, a Santoku Knife with a 7 in. blade and a Paring Knife with a 3 in. blade, the sharpest Damascus blades made. The edge that it holds is hair splitting and remains throughout heavy use. The non slip ergo handle is very comfortable and virtually indestructible, perfect for every serious Chef. We could not believe how sharp these knives were until we tried each one. Kasumi knives are made from 33 layers of stainless steel in Seki Japan. Kasumi V Gold No. 10 Damascus Knives are crafted from the most advanced materials with the most advanced manufacturing techniques. Only the middle layer acts as the cutting edge, and it is made using V Gold No. 10 stainless steel. Each Kasumi knife blade is a high carbon stainless steel with cobalt, manganese, molybdenum and vanadium for added durability and ease of sharpening. The layers on both sides of the Kasumi knife V Gold No. 10 core are made by repeatedly folding together two different types of stainless steel and forge welding them by hand until you have sixteen exceedingly thin alternating layers. These sixteen layers are then forge welded to both sides of the V Gold No. 10 core. The addition of cobalt to this steel requires special tempering in order to maximize the full benefit of this steel. The technique for this special tempering is a closely guarded secret. Each Kasumi knife has a laminated pakka wood handle secured with stainless steel rivets. They also have a full tang. The handle is made from multiple layers of wood impregnated with a plastic resin. The handle is riveted to the tang.
Chefs Note: This is the sharpest knife out of the box! Possibly our favorite knife. Comfortable and perfectly balanced. Each knife is carefully finished by the hands of skilled craftsmen. You will love this knife set! Beautiful knives that will provide a lifetime of use and the ultimate in performance. Lifetime Warranty. Free Shipping in Cont. USA!

Kasumi 2 Pc. Set, Damascus Santoku Knife & Paring Knife ....
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8 in. Chinese Knife

Gone !

Chinese Chef Cleaver Knife ! It is used for the preparation of Chinese foods and cutting meats or poultry. A great choice for chopping and preparing large quantities of food! This knife is also good for cutting through chicken and whole fish. Made in Japan. Rock Maple Chopping Blocks! Click Here!
Click Here For Stainless Steel Tables!

Credit Card Neck knife
Retail $99.95 and up
On Sale $

The new Credit Card Knife also comes with a special feature allowing it to be a compact neck knife.The compact dimensions, slim profile, and removable pocket clip offer a variety of carry options. Fits perfectly in the credit card compartment of your wallet, can be carried via clip in the pocket of your shirt, or on a ball chain (included) around your neck. This extremely lightweight knife also features a reliable and sturdy frame lock mechanism, titanium liner and high performance 440C stainless steel blade. The finger coils and handle end are made of G-10 and provide a surprisingly ergonomical and comfortable grip. Closed length: 2 3/4 in. Blade length: 2 1/4 in. Overall length: 5 in. Weight: 1.1 oz.
Chefs Note: These sell out fast. The perfect everyday companion!


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Chef reviews high quality stainless steel bowls. Click Here for Professional Chef Knives!
Get your knives razor sharp with our sharpening stones! Get a fast edge and maintain your sharp knives with our sharpening steels! Chef is using one of his Favorite NSF Stainless Steel Tables.

Heavy Duty Bowl Scraper

Retail $5.00 and up
On Sale $1.00

Our flexible plastic mixing bowl scraper is perfect for getting it all out! Used by bakers around the world, this tool is perfect for working with dough and scraping off your work table too. Measures 5 1/2 in. x 3 1/2 in. with a beveled edge on 1 side.
Some cooks like to use it for scooping up minced garlic and chopped tomatoes.
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Click Here for our NEW Kitchen Islands!

John Boos Maple Cutting Board
List Price $239.00 and up
On Sale, add to cart ... ... FREE SHIPPING OVER $99.00

This is the reversible Au Jus Solid Maple Cutting Board!
John Boos custom makes these cutting boards for us from first quality Solid Rock Maple. Choose 20 x 15 OR 24 inches by 18 inches and over 1 1/2 inches thick. This reversible board is NSF certified and will not dull your knife! With proper care, this Maple board will last for life! Oiling it with mystery oil, will keep it looking new.
This board is the ideal size for most counter tops (it will not slide while cutting).
Did you know that maple cutting boards naturally kill bacteria?
This cuttting board can not be shipped outside the USA.
Chefs Note: A great board for carving a large turkey, roast beef or prime rib. Also an excellent choice for a gourmet BBQ. This is the cutting board of choice for all the Chefs here at Chef Depot,
Emeril, Charlie Trotter, Paul Kahn and many other famous Chefs!

24 x 18 x 1.5 Aujus


20 x 15 x 1.5 Aujus
Rock Maple Cutting Boards - Our Logo Cuttingboards are On Sale!

John Boos Maple Cutting Board

List Price $98.00 and up
On Sale ....

This is the cutting board of choice for all the Chefs here at Chef Depot, Emeril, Charlie Trotter, Paul Kahn and many other famous Chefs! John Boos custom makes these cutting boards for us from first quality Solid Rock Maple, 18 inches by 12 inches and over 1 1/2 inches thick (9 lbs.) or 18 x 12 x 2 1/4 inches (13 lbs.) These reversible boards are NSF certified and will not dull your knife! With proper care, these Maple boards will last for life! Oiling it with mystery oil, will keep it looking new. This board is the perfect size for smaller counter tops. Choose .....
Rock Maple Cutting Boards - more sizes of Cutting boards are On Sale!
Maple Kitchen Islands are featured in Fine Magazines!

Wood Dough Scraper with riveted Handle

Retail Price $12.00 and up
Clearance Sale $6.75

Our Wood Dough Bench Scraper is perfect for working with pastry, bread and pizza doughs! Every baker needs a good scraper! This scraper features a 6 in x 3 in. stainless steel blade and a riveted solid wood handle for years of performance!
Chefs Note: I like to use mine for cutting portions of pizza dough and scraping down the flour on my butcher block and maple cutting boards.

More Bakers Tools - Click Here!

Walnut Homestead BlockColor Choices  Homestead Block - Please Email Us Your Color Choice after checkout


Free Shipping & Great Customer Service!

This is the new Walnut Homestead Block by John Boos, it measures 36" x 24" x 5" and stands 34" overall. The top is edge grain walnut butcher block. This block has a FDA approved food safe natural finish. The butcher block top requires rubbing with Mystery Oil or Wood Cream, every few months to keep it looking new.
We will send you 3 bottles of mystery oil, no charge.
It features a large storage drawer and will last for generations!
36" x 24" x 5" Solid American Walnut Top, Lower Slatted Shelf, Weight is 270 lbs.
Please click the button below to order, then email us your color selection.
We can ship your new Block in aprox. 3 - 4 weeks! Call us for sale prices.
Free Shipping is available - continental USA only.
Call for Sale Prices!
More USA made Butcher Blocks are HERE!

12 inch chopstick tongs

Sold out

These stainless steel tongs are very sleek. The useful pincers are aprox. 12 inches long. These are nice for serving cold foods and appetizers or a gourmet baby greens salad! Perfect for intricate plate presentations, food styling and competition work. With care, they will last forever.
Carving and Food Garnish Tools are here!
How safe is your kitchen? Maple Cutting Boards!

fish tweezers

Retail $39.99 and up
On Sale $10 and up

This set of stainless steel Fish Bone Tweezers is 6 inches long and 1 inch wide. These are nice for smoked salmon, whitefish and trout, plating cold foods for intricate plate presentations, food styling and competition work.
Chefs Note: Excellent for fish bones and other applications. Design by Georg Draser.

USA made Rock Maple Cutting Boards!

Fillet Knife

Retail Price $59.50 and up
Sale $

This Messermeister 8 inch Flexible blade Fillet Knife is traditional in shape and features a sure grip. This Fillet Knife was designed by pro Chefs and fishermen. It features a very sharp 8 in., smooth blade that cuts through scales, skin and fish like butter. This knife will hold an edge for a long time. We like it for filleting fish. German high carbon stainless steel blade One piece Enveloped tang, Extra durable knife blade. Industrial strength handle, Lifetime manufacturing warranty! We guarantee you will like this knife!


Click Here, add a Butcher Block in your New Kitchen!

Cajun Spices

Retail $14.99 and up
On Sale $8.00 to $11.25 lb.

This is the best Cajun Seasonings that you will ever use! We blend over 20 fresh herbs & spices, no MSG and no preservatives. Perfect for blackened chicken, catfish or steak. Sprinkle a little on vegetables for the grill or spice up your burgers. Kick it up a notch with your soon to be famous "Cajun spices"! Choose sweet, medium Hot, or Fire Hot Habanero that will be sure to burn you twice.

"Sweet Cajun spices"


"Hot Cajun spices" $12.50

"Fire Hot Habanero Cajun spices" $14.99
Click Here for more spices! A to Z ...

Click Here for Butcher Blocks!

Orka Oven Glove

Sold Out - see improved model below.
Pro Chefs Knife Sets!

Orka BBQ Oven Glove

Product # CDA82210-ORKA-BBQ-MITT-17IN
Retail Price $35.99 and up
On Sale $19.49 (lowest price on the net)

Do you Bake? Do you BBQ? Do you like things that really last? Made of thick silicone, ORKA BBQ oven mitts protect from intense heat, up to 700 F. Non-slip, waterproof and non-porous, they provide safety and perfect food hygiene. 100 percent high tensile strength silicone, the 17 in. long glove goes up the arm and provides more protection. Vapor and moisture will not penetrate this glove. Machine washable. "The pizza pan was 450 degrees F. and my hand is not even warm through the glove"!
Chefs Note: Love the color! With proper care this oven mitt will last for many years. Used by many restaurants that demand quality. This glove has many other applications.

Red Orka BBQ Mitt

Student Chef Knife Sets!

Ceramic Ball Soft Wire Whip

Product # CDR4222BALLWHISK

Our new Ceramic Ball Whisk is made from solid Stainless steel with a small cage containing a ceramic ball agitator for faster beating & mixing!
Chef Notes: This is the perfect whip for hollandaise, saves your arm! Excellent for salad dressing, whipped cream, meringue, sauces & soups.

Click Here for Spatulas and Whips!

Prep Tables for your new kitchen! Click Here!

Heavy Duty Copper and Stainless Steel Fry Pan
Handmade copper pots and pans from FRANCE...Click on Saute' Pan!

Offset Fish Spatula Turner - great for flipping fish

Retail $22.95 and up
Clearance Sale $11.79 to $12.79

Our high quality stainless steel Offset Fish Spatula Turner is a must for every serious cook. This turner features a solid medium flexible stainless steel blade with black hardwood handle. Use this 18/10 stainless steel spatula to simplify lifting and turning fragile fish fillets. Its flexible, offset and angled head slides neatly beneath delicate fish to prevent breakage, the perforated design allows liquid or juices and cooking oil to drain back into the saute pan. The handle provides a comfortable grip and helps keep your hands away from the heat. Measures 11 in. long. Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects!
Chefs Note: Our new Offset Fish Spatula Turner is a real helper for all saute foods!Makes a perfect gift, buy 2 or more and save $.

1 Spatula $12.79


2 Spatulas for $11.79 ea.
Chef Prep Tables! Made in the USA!

Chefs Select Cuttingboards!

Chefs Butcher Blocks for your new kitchen!

Chef Knife Cutlery Storage CaseCook and Chef Knife Cutlery Storage Case

Retail $49.00 and up
On Sale $28.95

This is a great case for Cooks and Culinary Students! It holds 10 large knives (up to 18 in. long) and many more small knives and tools. There is a holder for pens and business cards and a mesh bag for loose items. Constructed from heavy duty cordura, hard sided, flat bottom. After opening there large flaps open on both sides, featuring heavy duty double sewn elastic knife holders and handle with heavy duty clips on the outside.
Measures aprox. 20 in. x 7.5 in. x 3 in.
Chefs Note: A perfect choice for Student Chefs and Cooks. Click Here for More Cutlery Cases, many styles!

10 Slot Knife Case


Click Here for Diamond Sharpening Steels!

Haiku Damascus 5.75 in. blade Chef knifeHaiku Damascus 5.75 in. blade Chef knife

This Haiku Damascus 5 3/4 in. blade Chef knife is very high quality. The knife has 35 layers of steel with a pure high carbon steel razor sharp blade. Handmade in Japan, it is used by more Sushi Chefs in Japan and Europe than any other! It is handcrafted in the Japanese tradition from alloy layered steel and iron. The knives are so strong that they come with a lifetime warranty with free replacement!
Each piece comes in a beautiful gift box. It makes an amazing gift!
Chefs Note: This knife is very small and lightweight. The overall size is 10 in. and it has a nice feel with slightly flexible blade. Great small hands, used for chopping, slicing and dicing foods. The blade is sharp and with a few light strokes on a whetstone, it is easily resharpened. You will love this knife! Lifetime Warranty.

Retail $149.95 and up
On Sale $98.95


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Click Here for Diamond Sharpening Steels!

Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

Sold Out

Our new Vintage Italian Corkscrew is a high quality reproduction of an oldworld classic! Made in Italy, stainless steel.

More Wine Openers & Corkscrews!

Our Madagascar Vanilla Beans are the highest quality available. They are highly prized by the Pastry Chefs who use them for their wonderful flavor and freshness. They are used extensively by Pastry Chefs and Gourmet Cooks around the world. Congratulations to Team USA, finishing 1st Place in the 2002 World Pastry Chef Championship using our vanilla beans! These Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (the best variety) are prized for their fragrant strong flavor. Our vanilla beans are very large ( 6 in. - 9 in. long), soft, plump and fresh. Please call us for large quantity discounts. Our very Large Gourmet Madagascar Vanilla Beans (click here) are 100% Completely Organic Grown and PAREVE ~ Kosher certified!

Quality Stock Pots ~ Click Here !

Tomato & Strawberry Corer

Product # CD398388TOMATOCORER
Retail $9.95 and up
On Sale $1.99

This is our Tomato / Strawberry Corer. It is used to easily and quickly take the stems off of strawberries and the ends off your tomatoes!
This corer is manufactured for us out of high quality stainless steel and it removes cores easily!

Tomato / Strawberry Corer


Portable Chef Tables made in the USA!

Turkey and Meat Marinate Injector

Clearance Sale $8.95

Inject your own strawberries or favorite flavors, sauces or marinades. Easily brine your own turkey, beef, pork, chicken or even fish for added flavor and juicy moisture. Injecting a marinade is easy and quick, and the result is increased flavor and juiciness. Ergonomically designed handles are comfortable to use. Simply insert stainless steel needle into marinade, draw back injector to fill injector, then slide the needle into the meat. The Cajuns created it, so you know it is good. Disassembles for easy cleaning, Dishwasher safe.
Chefs Note: If you enjoy preparing your own turkey and meats, this tool is for you!

Marinate Injector

Swiss Chocolate...Click Here!

Chefs Apron

On Sale $9.95

Our premium professional Chef aprons are lots of fun! One size fits all! Chefs do it with Spice! apron is a heavy cotton poly blend for maximum comfort and durability. Made in the USA! One size fits all!

Chefs do it with Spice! Apron


Great Chefs Kitchen Islands!

Chef HatChef Apron

Retail $12.99 and up
On Sale $4.90

Retail $12.99 and up
On Sale $6.95

Our premium professional "Chef Hat" is made from 100% cotton for comfort. A Velcro strap secures it in place. One size fits all!
Colored hats are only $7.90 each!
Our professional "Chef Apron" is a cotton poly blend for maximum comfort and durability.
Colored aprons are available, please call.
One size fits all!

White Chef Hat

Red Chef Hat $6.95
Green Chef Hat $6.49

Chef Apron


Click here for Diamond Knife Sharpeners!

Italian Chef Hat and Striped Apron

On Sale $11.95

On Sale $10.95

Our premium professional "Italian Stripes" Chef Hat and apron are lots of fun! Made from 100% cotton for comfort.
A velcro strap secures it in place. One size fits all!
Our professional "Chef Apron" is a heavy cotton poly blend for maximum comfort and durability. Both are made in the USA!
One size fits all!

Italian Stripes Chef Hat


Italian Stripes Chef Apron - add to cart


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