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These "Kitchen Calculators" will save you time in the kitchen! We tested these kitchen calculators and found that they really do save time and money in the kitchen. No more guessing the correct quantities or portions of your favorite recipes! We guarantee the lowest prices!

Counter Top Kitchen CalculatorPocket Kitchen Calculator

Retail $50.00 and up
On Sale $24.45
Retail $39.99
On Sale $19.69

These "Kitchen Calculators" will save you time in the kitchen.
Now you can get professional results just like your favorite Chefs in your own kitchen. You can easily and accurately adjust recipe ingredients up or down and convert items to achieve the portions and serving sizes you desire. The Pro calculator is 6 1/2 in. wide x 6 in. deep with a 1 in. x 4 in. LCD tilting display. The Pocket calculator is 3 in. wide x 5 in deep with a 1 in. x 2 1/2 in LCD display. These kitchen calculators will easily convert all food measurements (US & Metric Measures - Liquid, Dry Ingredients, Cups, Teaspoons, Tablespoons, Weight, Volume, Decimals, Fractions, Metric, Fahrenheit, Celsius, Fractions and Decimals)!
These calculators have large easy to read LCD displays. They also work with fractions or decimals. Built in digital timer with beeping alarm works even while using other functions. Built in recipe and portion size memory to store your preferred recipe and portion sizes to ensure you will get the desired quantity you want. Includes a plastic cover to protect from food spills. Also includes a long life lithium battery, users guide and one year warranty. There are two sizes, the larger model has larger buttons and easily fits on the counter during use (CDKITCHENCALCPRO). The smaller model fits in your pocket (CDKITCHENCALCPOCKET).
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CDKITCHENCALCPRO (Larger Countertop Model)


CDKITCHENCALCPOCKET (Smaller Pocket Model) $19.69
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Pro Digital Thermometer

Retail Price $39.00 and up
On Sale $29.99

This is the new professional model Taylor digital thermometer. It reads in a second and is accurate +- 1 degree F., it's also waterproof. The digital readout is easy to see, it instantly reads from - 40 degree's Fahrenheit to 450 degree's Fahrenheit (also Celsius). It comes with an antibacterial pocket sheath for easy storage (it kills germs on contact after each use). This thermometer has an automatic off switch for long battery life. We recommend this thermometer for all Pro Chefs and home kitchen use, cooking grilled & roasted foods, microwave reheating and candy making.

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Heavy Duty Bowl Scraper

Retail $5.00 and up
On Sale $1.00

Our flexible plastic mixing bowl scraper is perfect for getting it all out! Used by bakers around the world, this tool is perfect for working with dough and scraping off your work table too. Measures 5 1/2 in. x 3 1/2 in. with a beveled edge on 1 side.
Some cooks like to use it for scooping up minced garlic and chopped tomatoes.
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Mundial Elegance Shears

Retail $35.99 and up
On Salee $19.50

These Elegance Kitchen Shears make cutting and trimming a snap. They come apart into two pieces, very easily to allow for easy cleaning! These shears are excellent to keep in the kitchen for cutting fish, chicken, pastry, paper, carpeting and cardboard. Lifetime Warranty. These shears are amazing!


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John Boos Maple Cutting Board

List Price $79.95 and up, On Sale $73.95 ... In Stock!
Great for BBQ Turkey, Roasts and is reversible, free shipping over $99.00 in Cont. USA

Our new mini Aujus Cuttingboard is perfect for the backyard BBQ or carving a small roast. This is the cutting board of choice for all the Chefs here at Chef Depot and many other famous Chefs! John Boos custom makes these exclusive cutting boards for us from first quality Solid Rock Maple, 18 inches by 12 inches and over 1 1/2 inches thick. This reversible board is NSF certified and will not dull your knife! With proper care, this Maple board can last for life! Oiling it with Board Cream will keep it looking new (available below). This board is the perfect size for smaller counter tops. Did you know that maple cutting boards naturally kill bacteria?


Add 3 pack of Boos Board Cream (3 pc. 5 oz. tubes)
Sale Price $29.95
New Kitchen Center Islands! Custom sizes are available!

Mini Butane Chef Torch
Retail $48.95 and up
On Sale $36.95

One of the best "Chef Torches" made! Precision flame for detailed application or use. Adjustable flame control knob for ease in switching between different applications. Instant on trigger start for easy lighting. Lock button keeps torch lit for finger free use!
Chef Notes: This torch is very comfortable to hold and easy to use. This torch is perfect for Creme Brulee (recipe is above), Baked Alaska, Meringue Pies, Melting Cheese and browning many foods. We use it on Triple Vanilla Creme Brulee, sprinkle on top, then sugar, brown with your torch! Click Here for the best Vanilla!
It also has many other uses, crafts, electronics, soldering, plumbers, etc. Operating temperature up to 2800 degrees F.
Uses a standard butane canister (one can included).
The butane cartridge will last for many refills.
Replacement torch butane fuel cartridges are available for $5.95 each! Our butane burns hotter than any other made.

Mini Torch Butane Refills are $5.95

Bernzomatic Chef Torch


Chef Torch Butane Refills (ships to Cont. USA only)


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