This is a list of Chefs and their comments after using the Type 301 Cutlery Designed by F.A. Porsche!


Chef Robert Irvine The big Chef on TV shows, former Executive Chef of Caesars Palace and The Presidential Chef, Chef for Royal Family in UK for 10 years!

Type 301 Porsche knives are all I use. The Knives are wonderful!!!


Chef Wolfgang Puck...I love these knives!

Chef Marc Ehrler Executive Chef Loews Miami Beach Hotel

Knives are very inspiring to us, we just want to use them feeding our passion.

Chef Paul Dillon Comcast TV. Lets cook with Paul Dillon!

Love the Chroma 301 knives WOW!

Chef Roberto Holz Executive Chef, Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove FL.

It is very different knife, but at the same time enjoyable, using for a week it was still sharp.

Chef Milan Drager Garde Manger, Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove FL.

Very nice, usable in many ways, your knife is good.

Chef Juan Natal Banquet Chef, The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove FL.

The knife is very comfortable to use when doing a lot of cutting.

The way the handle is built really gives a lot of grip and not much pain in your hand when doing

heavy preparation. I will recommend this knife.

Chef Christian Moncharte Executive Chef, Jonathan Club, Los Angels, CA

These knives are absolutely fantastic to work with. Well balanced and light, beautiful to the eyes!

Chef Willis Loughhead Restaurant Chef, The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove FL.

Beautiful styling - exciting design. The balance was nice and the weight is good.

My only complaint was for long use it required a change in hand position. Perfect for the home!

Chef Didier Derouet Executive Pastry Chef, Washington DC

Chef Didier loves type 301 Porsche knives and has recommended them to many to many other Chefs from around the US!

Chef Wolfgang von Wieser Executive Chef Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

Great Balance between handle and blade.

The knife has a beautiful design and craftsmanship. Thanks and much success!

Chef Bernard Chirent Executive Chef, The Fairmont San Francisco Atop Nob Hill

The best knife I have ever used!

Chef Franz Kranzfelder - Executive Chef, Walt Disney World

Great design good steel, love the name. Found the knob a little uncomfortable.

Chef Gerard MadaniExecutive Chef The Pierre NY. A Four Seasons Hotel

I love the design, the grip is perfect very sharp and well balanced.

Easy to clean I definitely think this is a Porsche of the knife.

Chef Bruno Tison Executive Chef The Plaza NY.

Great knife and design! Very efficient and very clean working tool. Light and great handling without losing power.

Chef Mark EllisChef of the Boston Area, gradute of CIA! Knife of choice!

Chef Rannae Hamlet Fairways Chef, Ritz Carlton Orlando Grand Lakes. The knives are like driving a sportscar!

Executive Chef Michel Roger The Weston Hotel, Savannah, GA. Wow! I will definately recommend these knives!

Chef Joe Brown Owner of Melange Cafeand Author Cherry Hill NJ.
I took them to a book signing and people went crazy for them.
My Chef's in the kitchen love them too.
Please feel free to use my name and restaurant in any promo for them.

Chef Curtis Aikens Author and well known Chef that has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and many more.

Curtis loves these knives and has even shown them in Hawaii!

Chef Carin Froelich Author and Star of Carin's Kitchen.

I am super excited about these knives.

also, I have gotten great responses from everyone that I have shown the knives to!

Restaurant Magazine #1 Magazine for Food Professionals in Great Britian

Type 301 - F.A. Porsche
A great example of not judging a book by it's cover!
These knives are great! Just the right feel, balance and comfort. The blade is razor sharp and easily maintained. A suprising hit!

Alain Ducasse Culinary School, Paris France!
We love the knives!

Chef Joel Robuchon, Chef of the Century
I love these knives!

Chef Nigella Lawsons, Chef of Living Kitchen
Great knives!


This list is growing, why not purchase your Chef knives today! Give one a try, were sure you will like it!


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