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How to Butcher a Deer

how to butcher a deer

Aging Wild Game


The importance of Aging Meat has often been disputed, here are the facts,

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Aging Meat -

Shortly after the slaughter of an animal the muscles stiffen and the animal goes through a chemical process called Rigor Mortis. This process gradually disappears and the natural tenderizing begins. There are natural Enzymes in the flesh of all animals.

These Enzymes break down the muscle tissue over time depending on the size of the animal.
A side of beef takes 3 to 4 days at 40 degrees F. for this process to begin.

Quality beef is usually aged for 2-4 weeks before it reaches the consumer.

Aging meat does not mean simply hanging it. It is important to control the following conditions, sanitation, temperature, humidity and air circulation.

Aging meat increases tenderness and flavor. Any off taste or bad smell is not

a characteristic of properly aged and butchered meat.

The following are recommended guidelines for aging your game.


Deer - Quickly after killing a deer, carefully open the animal and remove all entrails inside the chest cavity (any sharp high quality knife will work if you are careful, we prefer a German boning knife). Take your time to avoid puncturing vital organs. Carefully split the hide open back to the rear, use a Bone Saw to cut open the tailbone (the bone that joins the two read legs together) and remove all entrails. The bone saw also works well to split open the upper chest cavity.

As soon as possible flush the deer cavity with several gallons of cold water. It is important to cool the animal as fast as possible. This can be done several ways. If it is cold outside, simply use a clean piece of wood to prop open the chest cavity. If it is warm outside place several bags of ice inside the chest cavity. We also recommend keeping the chest cavity as dry as possible, use several towels to wipe it often. Remove any visible hair, sticks and leaves. Now you have a properly cleaned deer that is ready for hanging. We recommend hanging the deer from the rear legs as high as necessary to avoid touching the ground. It is the easiest position for skinning a deer properly. We remove the hide with a Skinning Knife and cut off the head and front legs with a bone saw. (Many hunters need to begin the aging of their deer outdoors with the hide on,

this is acceptable but be careful of insects, animals, dirt, sticks, leaves, temperature and handling).

It is time to begin the aging of your venison carcass. At 40 degrees F. we find that the meat tastes the best after 5-7 days of aging. This aging time will vary on the size of the deer, temperature and individual preferences. We hang our deer in a walk in cooler with a concrete floor. After several days the enzymes break down the venison muscle tissues and you end up with tender meat. After proper aging the venison is ready for butchering.

We like to break ours down to the Rounds, Tenderloins, Loins, Ribs, Stew Meat and Ground Meat for Sausage and Burger. We use a German Flexible Boning Knife, Skinning Knife, Butchering Knife, Sharpening Steel, Stainless Steel Bone Saw and Meat Grinder. With practice and the right tools, you can achieve these cuts and butcher easily and consistently.(see the Sportsmans Corner section). We put small pieces of meat in stainless steel mixing bowls and cover them, place in refrigerator until ready to grind. Our Electric Meat Grinders will save you time!

German steel Butcher Knife

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This is our Big Butchers Knife! The 14 inch long wide blade is crafted from high quality German alloy steel. Lifetime Warranty.
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6 in. German kullenschliff Butcher Knife

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This is the new 6 inch Messermeister Kullenschliff Boning Knife!
The stiff granton edge knife is crafted from high quality German alloy steel in Solingen Germany. Lifetime Warranty.
Chef Notes: This is a great knife for boning out venison, lamb, veal, beef and chicken! A sweet knife for the price, the stamped blade in nice and thin. Our Chefs have used every German knife made, we conclude these are very high quality and comfortable to use. More are on Page 2 below.

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Oval Diamond Sharpening Steel

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This is a diamond oval sharpening steel that is the choice of more butchers! It has a 10 in. or 12 inch long oval steel that allows for quickly returning the edge to any knife blade. This diamond steel will quickly produce an edge on any good knife with six to ten strokes.
Chefs Note: The sanitary black plastic handle is non slip. The metal ring is nice for hanging nearby the knife block.
Made to last for years of daily use.

12 in. Diamond Sharpening Steel

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USA walnut Cutting Board
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Our Exclusive 3 inch thick Dark Walnut Edge Grain Cutting Boards features a radius on the top edges and corners! Finger grooves in the sides make it easy to pick up or flip over. Three sizes, 24 in. x 18 in., 20 in. x 15 in., 18 in. x 12 in. These can be used for chopping, dicing, Slicing and serving! These cutting boards feature a mineral oil finish, made in USA. This hand made piece will be enjoyed by your family and guests!
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Use the Oil (pictured below) to keep it rich and preserved. These boards meet all NSF standards.

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John Boos Maple Cutting Board

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The new Newton Prep Master Cutting board is perfect for the backyard BBQ or carving a small turkey or roasted pork tenderloin. It features a removable drip tray that can also be used to catch small food, like chopped garlic. The other side is flat! This is the cutting board of choice for all the Chefs here at Chef Depot and many other famous Chefs! John Boos custom makes these exclusive cutting boards for us from first quality Solid Rock Maple, 18 in. by 18 in. x 2 1/4 in. thick. This reversible board is NSF certified and will not dull your knife! With proper care, this Maple board can last for life! Oiling it with mystery oil, will keep it looking new (available below). This board is the perfect size for smaller counter tops. Did you know that maple cutting boards naturally kill bacteria? More sizes are here!

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4.5 in. Ceramic Utility Knife + Peeler Set

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This is the new red handles 4.5 in. Kyocera Revolution Ceramic Utility Knife & Ceramic Peeler Gift Set. These hold an edge for years, without sharpening. The Revolution series feature an extra hefty black handle and a perfect balance. This is a great ceramic knife, it's very comfortable and easy to use. The weight is about half of steel knives making it comfortable for extended use. The ultra sharp ceramic blade cuts with precision and accuracy every time maintaining a razor-sharp edge for many years. These knives are made of an advanced, high-tech ceramic, second in hardness only to diamond, it was originally developed for industrial applications where metal components failed.
Chef Notes: What a great gift idea! Limited time offer, then they are gone!
Each one of our Revolution knives comes in a beautiful presentation box.
We tested several brands of ceramic knives - Here's the results!
Kyocera was the only knife sharp enough to meet our demands, the others were too dull or the blades were too thin and brittle. Only Kyocera scored very high in sharpness, quality, workmanship, material and warranty. These knives are a great choice for Chefs and Gourmet Cooks! Ceramics are perfect for slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing meats, garlic, carrots, onions, celery, fruits and more

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Wood Dough Scraper with riveted Handle

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Our Wood Dough Bench Scraper is perfect for working with pastry, bread and pizza doughs! Every baker needs a good scraper! This scraper features a 6 in x 3 in. stainless steel blade and a riveted solid wood handle for years of performance!
Chefs Note: I like to use mine for cutting portions of pizza dough and scraping down the flour on my butcher block. Also a great tool for scraping clean your hardwood cuttingboards!

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Poly Cutting Board
Product # CD18x12x1/2WHITEPOLYBOARD
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This 18 in. x 12 in. x 1/2 in. thick Poly Cutting Board weighs over 4 lbs!
This is the cutting board of choice for all the Chefs here at Chef Depot and many other famous Chefs!
It is used by Emeril and other Chefs on TV and in professional kitchens across the USA!
These Poly Cutting Boards are restaurant quality and can last for years (if used every day).
We use these boards for meats, poultry and fish, they reduce odor transfer. Dishwasher safe. Many sizes are available. We have low prices on all our high quality cutting boards!

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