10 Steps to Live Longer


1. Take Vitamins Daily

Regularly taking multi vitamins with a minimum of vitamin C (1250 mg/day), vitamin E (400 IU/day), calcium (1000-1300 mg/day), vitamin D (300-600 IU/day),

folate (400 mcg/day), and vitamin B6 (6mg/day) can make your live up to 6 years longer.


2. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Click here for a sample Mediterranean Food Pyramid


3. Quit Smoking

If you quit smoking you can live up to 8 years longer. Also avoid second hand smoke.


4. Reduce your Stress

During stressful times, you can begin to age years faster. Maintain strong social networks and following stress reduction strategies, you can help to reduce your stress and live many years longer.


5. Monitor your Blood Pressure

A person with low blood pressure (115/75) will live a lot longer than a person with high blood pressure (over 160/90).


6. Exercise and be Active

Even a small amount of exercise, two 20 minute walks per day can make you live up to 5 years longer.


7. Eat a lot of Fiber

Consume a minimum of 25 grams of fiber per day; it can make you live up to 3 years longer. Adult men may need even more than 25 grams of fiber per day.


8. Monitor your Health

People who are proactive about seeking quality medical care and managing medical conditions can live as much as 12 years longer than those who do not.


9. Laugh a Lot

Laughter reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, and can make you live as much as 8 years longer.


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