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How to Correctly Calibrate Bimetal Pocket Thermometers...

correct calibration of a food thermometer
The Bi-Therm coil in a bimetal thermometer is approximately two inches long at the bottom of the shaft. For effective and accurate measurement, the bimetal stem should be inserted into the meat or soups, etc. the full two inches. A dimple in the stem of the Taylor Bimetal thermometer shows the actual length that should be inserted into the meat or into soups. How to Use the Exclusive Safe T Set Calibration System. This fast, easy procedure offers added daily assurance of exacting temperature measurement:
1. Fill a container with finely crushed ice, top with clean tap water and stir well.
2. Remove the thermometer from its case and slide the stem through the hole in the wrench pocket (no additional tools required) until the adjusting nut below the dial head snaps securely in place.
3. Using the case as a handle, immerse the thermometer stem into the ice a minimum of 2 inches for 30 seconds. The stem should not touch the sides/bottom of the container.
4. If the temperature reading is 32F, the thermometer is accurately calibrated.
5. If adjustment is required, turn the head of the thermometer while the stem remains immersed in ice, until the pointer reads 32F.

Chefs Note: Every professional Chef uses a food thermometer, many times a day! It is an important tool for proper temperature and food safety. Clean as you go. Wash your hands often. Train others to do these important steps. Sanitize everything on a regular basis! Visit www.chefdepot.net and please tell your friends!

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