The Cutting Edge


By Alton Brown


When I first picked up a Shun knife, it was like they had read my performance wish-list for kitchen weaponry. The hot-button features for me are:


#1 The blade - made of VG-10 a unique recipe of six metals blended to make it super hard, but flexible at the same time. Result? Rarely needs sharpening but can be honed. The textured pattern on the blade lessens surface tension so foods dont stick as much when slicing or dicing.


#2 The Edge - You know its good when your professional knife sharpener says, nope, no need to work on this one yet. These knives really hold an edge faithfully.


#3 Balance - Just hold it in your hand. That is all I need to say. You will feel it.


#4 Handle - Most Asian knife handles are cylindrical, allowing them to spin in the hand, but Shuns designers had a break-through moment when they went to work on these bad boys. The design is an ingenious D shape making it more stable for right-handers and lefties - like me.


#5 Performance - Fast. Sleek and Graceful. The curve against the cutting board is just a beautiful thing. Effortless cutting, and thats what we all want, right?

So in a nutshell, this guy is crazy about Shun. We have had many crack and chip, so we have moved on to better and stronger knife makers. Anyway, our Chefs have tested and tried them all, and the JAPANESE KNIVES here are the best.













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