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Yield - 2 Servings




10 oz. Fresh Strawberries (washed and cut in half)

4 oz. Frozen Raspberries

2 T. Honey (or 3 T. sugar)

1 C. Skim Milk

6 oz. Yogurt

1 t. Vanilla Extract

3 Ice Cubes


Method -

Use a strawberry corer to easily remove the stems of the strawberries, wash them in cold water and cut in half with a paring knife. Place all ingredients in a blender and pulse for a few seconds, repeat until smooth, add extra milk, if needed.

We like to serve smoothies after a long work out or for a breakfast treat.


Chefs Notes- Use the riper strawberries for the smoothies. We often substitute a banana for the raspberries. Many times we core the ripe strawberries and place them in a bag and put into the freezer for making frozen drinks another day.

The strawberry corer works great on tomatoes too! Use the best vanilla extract you can find for the best real vanilla taste!


Recipe courtesy of

Chef Lauren @


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